The Puppy Academy

Starting June 30th, 2019

Sunday's 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Pre-requisites: Puppy must be 8 weeks - 5 months old

Length of Class: Once a week for 5 weeks

Cost: $100.00

Start your puppy off on the right paw in our puppy development class! 

This class is a five week class that will give your puppy the opportunity to socialize in a safe environment as well as begin to understand their role in their new family. We will help you lay the foundation needed for your puppy to "learn how to learn" as well as some important house manners. The first week of this class will be a human only, lecture-styled class where we will cover some important canine behavior theories and ways to help transition your new puppy into your everyday lives.

The following training topics will be covered over 5 weeks:

  • Canine Behavior Theory

  • Reward Selection

  • Marker Training

  • Engagement

  • Basic Body Positions (Sit, down, stand)

  • “Touch” Command

  • “Spin” Command

  • Short Recalls

  • Leash Walking

  • Human and Dog Socialization

  • And More!

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