Private Sessions

Is a group training environment too stimulating for your dog? 

Do you feel that you and your dog learn better through a one-on-one approach?

Is there a certain skill that you would like to master with the individual help of a professional?

If you answered yes to any of the above, a private session with one of our trainers might be a great option!

Central Canine offers private sessions either on campus in Whitefield, Maine or off campus at your house or other dog-friendly locations in the central Maine community. 

Private sessions are one hour long and can focus on the following:

  • Basic house manners like sit, down and stay

  • Engagement and a reliable recall

  • Behavior modification including but not limited to fear aggression, people aggression and dog aggression

  • Problem solving issues including biting, jumping and pulling

  • Calm loose leash walking

  • Specialized dog trades like protection work, tracking and detection

  • And more!

Private Session Rates

On Campus - $40.00/ hour

Off Campus - $50.00/ hour 

Off campus rate is for any location within 20 minutes of the Central Canine campus. Each additional 20 minuets will cost $10.00 in an effort to offset the cost of fuel and time spent traveling. 

Central Canine

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