Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when registering for a group class?


Once you complete the registration process for a group class on the Central Canine website, you will receive the class material in an email. This will include the class description, agenda as well as supplemental information that will aid you in your training.


The first class of the Puppy Academy and Canine 101 is a human only, lecture-styled class. This time will be when we go over Central Canine policies and procedures as well as lay the foundation for the topics covered in the class. Handouts will be provided and you will be given a tour of the facility.


The remaining classes will be with both you and your dog, along with other handlers and their dogs. Group classes are structured to allow several dogs and their owners to learn at once, meaning that all dogs and their owners will be in the training area at once. If you do not feel comfortable handling your dog around other people or dogs, please consider private sessions in an effort to get the one on one attention that you desire.


Upon completion of the group class, you will receive a certificate as well as a framed picture of you and your dog on the last day of class.


How big are group classes and how long do they last?


Each group class will have no more than 6 dogs in it. Group classes occur once a week for an hour and depending on the class that you are registered for, the duration of the class can vary from five to eight weeks.

What should I bring to my training session?


Whether you and your dog are participating in a group class, drop-in session or private session, you should always come prepared with the necessary equipment. Please bring AT LEAST the following, each time you come to train at Central Canine:

  • 4-6 foot leash (non-retractable)

  • Flat collar

  • Small, bite size treats

  • Your dog’s favorite toy

  • Water and water bowl


Above is only a list of the necessities and if you know that you or your dog will need something in addition to this list, please feel free to bring it with you.


Can my dog attend group classes if he/she has bitten someone in the past?


No. We highly recommend that you register for a private session so that your dog can be evaluated and an individualized training program can be created for you. If after the trainer has evaluated your dog in a private session, and has permitted you to do so, you may register for a group class.


Dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs can be trained. However, sometimes this training must be at a slower pace and take place in more controlled environments. Central Canine is dedicated to getting your dog back to themselves through behavior modification and a lot of positive experiences.


Is my dog too old to train?


NO! All dogs can be trained, regardless of their age, breed or gender. It is, however, important to evaluate your dog’s physical health before developing a hard training program. For example, a young puppy may be able to do several repetitions of the “sit” behavior where as a 10 year old GSD with arthritis may only be able to complete one repetition of the same behavior.


What style of training do you use?


Central Canine does not choose to identify with positive-only or compulsion-only training styles. Instead, we view each dog as an individual and evaluate which method will work best based on their genetics, personality and past experiences. Additionally, what works for one dog may not work for another. We take pride in our education and training and are confident that we have the skills necessary to evaluate and train each dog as an individual rather than promising a specific training style.


Do you guarantee your training?


Central Canine does not guarantee any training services that we offer including consultations. We believe that the level of your dog’s success is up to you, as the owner and primary trainer. Our dog trainers will equip you with the necessary tools to train your dog but it is ultimately up to you to put in the work.

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