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introduction to canine fitness


June 1st, 2019

Instructor: New England K9 Athlete

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Working Cost: $125.00

Audit Cost: $40.00


Central Canine is excited to announce that we will be hosting

New England K9 Athlete for a Canine Fitness seminar!


New England K9 Athlete is a leading business in canine fitness training, whether it be for sport-specific dogs, puppies, active family pets or older dogs. Canine fitness can help increase your dogs confidence, maintain and improve their mobility, along with improving their physical and mental health!


This seminar will be an introduction to all things fitness including concepts of cardio, balance, strength, flexibility, body awareness and more. We will discuss exactly what is canine fitness, warm-up and cool-down exercises, stretching, body awareness techniques, proper form as well as several targeted, functional exercises for different muscle groups. We will also discuss how to build a fitness plan for your specific dog.

There will be a lecture portion with demos as well as a working portion of the day where you will be able to work on things discussed with the guidance of April from New England K9 Athlete.

What is included in a working spot?

1. Initial fitness assessment of their dog

2. A detailed fitness plan designed specifically to fit their dogs needs

3. Time to practice the exercises with the guidance of a professional

For more information about New England K9 Athlete, please visit their website at

There will be 10 working spots available and these are on a first come, first serve basis. You must register and submit payment via our website in order to hold your spot. 


There will be an unlimited number of audit spots and these do not need to be paid for in advance. 

A light breakfast and full lunch will be provided!


Central Canine Workshops


Coming Soon!

Instructor: TBD

Length: One to Two Hours

Cost: $20.00


We believe that through continued education and training, our relationships with our dogs can only improve! Central Canine is happy to present a number of workshops pertaining to a wide array of canine behavior and health topics.


The following topics will be covered in a series of workshops throughout the year:

  • Canine Body Language

  • Introduction to Dog Sports

  • Dealing with Reactive Dogs

  • Canine Nutrition

  • And more!


These workshops will be human only, lecture styled sessions that will last anywhere from one to two hours. Each workshop will allow time for participants to ask individual questions as well as problem solve with our experts.

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