Canine 202

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Pre-requisites – Dogs must be 5 months or older

The dog must have completed Canine 202 before attending Canine 303 – If the dog did not complete Canine 202, the dog must first be evaluated in a 30 minute private session before becoming enrolled in the class

Length of Class – Once a week for six weeks

Cost of Class - $175.00

Canine 303 is a six week class and is the third segment of the obedience series offered at Central Canine. This class is designed for the experience dog and dog handler and will be geared towards each team’s individual goals. Canine 303 will cover a series of topics that will help prepare teams for a number of different dog obedience competitions including AKC Obedience and Protection Sports like IPO, PSA and Ring. Even if you do not intend to compete in a dog sport, Canine 303 will add value to your training program and equip you with the tools necessary to excel with your dog in any venue!

The following topics will be covered over 6 weeks:

  • All behaviors with increased Duration, Distance and Distraction

  • Introducing non-verbal commands

  • Introducing off-leash obedience

  • Sit and Down in motion

  • Send outs and call offs

  • Focused heeling in detail

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