Canine 202

Coming Soon - Dates TBD!

Pr-requisites – Dogs must be 5 months or older

The dog must have completed Canine 101 before attending Canine 202 – If the dog did not complete Canine 101, the dog must first be evaluated in a 30 minute private session before becoming enrolled in the class

Length of Class – Once a week for five weeks

Cost of Class - $150.00

Canine 202 is a five week class and is the second segment of the obedience series offered at Central Canine. This class will begin to introduce you and your dog to more advanced training concepts. We will begin to implement the “Three D’s of Dog Training” as well as transitioning your training lure from food to a toy. This class will also begin to lay out the steps required to achieve a “focused heel”. The first 15 minutes of the first class will be designated to orienting you to the class structure as well as allowing you to communicate any personal goals to the trainer.

The following topics will be covered over 6 weeks:

  • The Three D’s of Dog Training

  • Sit/Stay and Down Stay with Duration, Distance and Distraction

  • Focus/Engagement with Duration, Distance and Distraction

  • Recalls with Distance and Distraction

  • Crisscross Leash Walking

  • Foundations of Focused Heeling

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