"Working to strengthen the relationship between man and dog through education and training"


We believe that the relationship between man and dog is one of the most rewarding experiences we will have in life. Through owner education and the use of canine behavior theories, we work to make your relationship with your four-legged partner both fulfilling and steadfast, alike.

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Central Maine's Premier Dog Training in the areas of

obedience, detection and protection





Drop - In 


Whether you and your dog do best learning from others in a group session, or on your own, at your own speed, in a private session, Central Canine offers a wide variety of class structures.
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Meet the Trainer

Lauryn Joslyn

Owner, Central Canine

Lauryn graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and a minor in Business Administration. Upon earning her degree, Lauryn furthered her education at Tarheel Canine in North Carolina where she focused on testing, selecting and training law enforcement K9s. 

Lauryn has attended a number of conferences across the nation including the Police K9 Magazine conference in Las Vegas as well as the K9 Cop Magazine conference in Nashville. 

To continue her education in the training of working dogs, Lauryn spends a significant amount of time training with members of the Boston Police Department K9 unit as well as many members of Law Enforcement Dogs of Maine. 

Our Mission

Why train with Central Canine?

At Central Canine, we strive to help you have the best relationship with your dog. Whether it be a personal protection dog, law enforcement K9, competition sport dog or family dog, we want to make sure that every encounter you have with your furry companion is a good one. 

Here are a couple of ways that Central Canine ensures the best quality training:

Our trainers at Central Canine have invested countless hours in their education through accredited universities, world wide conferences and hand-on training at some of the largest working dog facilities in the nation. 


We are committed to offering our clients the best training solutions and will never refuse to share what we now know and will know in the future. 


Dog training and the science behind canine behavior is ever evolving. That is why we take pride in staying up to date with our training methods - being open minded to new and improved methods and techniques. 


At Central Canine we understand that every dog is different and we are committed to using this approach when working with all of our clients and their dogs. What may work for one dog, may not work for another. Each training program will be developed individually, with the specific dog in mind. 


If we feel that we do not have the capability to assist our clients and their dogs in any area, we are happy to refer them to other resources in the community. We will never give our clients advice that we would not take home to our own dogs. 



Lauryn, owner of Central Canine, is amazing at what she does. We take our 1 year old german shepherd to her protection and obedience/socialization classes, and have loved every single minute! We always leave with a clear list of what to work on at home, and we can see the improvement in our girl each and every week. Lauryn is super knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and their behavior, and she is not shy when it comes to working with a challenging dog! Our GSD comes from working lines, and her high energy and drive is what led us to expand on protection work and advanced obedience. It is always a really good feeling to see your dog succeed and grow. Central canine is the perfect place to foster this type of growth and development. My husband and I are so glad we met Lauryn! We highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with and challenge not only their dog, but themselves too!

—  A. Ferrar

Central Canine

183 Augusta Road, Whitefield, ME 04353

info@centralcanine.org / 207-530-7886

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